Why won't my logo update on my site using the Moriarty Skin?

In the Moriarty skin there is a "Wymore Press" logo that appears by default at the top of all pages.  The logo you upload in Sites > [site name] > Settings > General Info tab in the "Branding" section is not placed here.  To change/replace the Wymore Press logo, go to Sites > [site name] > Skins > Customize Skin tab.  You will need to replace the file named "Branding-area-Background2.png" in the "Branding Logo Area" field.  To do this, click the "Upload Images" button. 
You will be redirected to the File Manager to upload the new file to the skinImages folder.  Click the "+ Upload" button.  You will be prompted to upload your file.  Please note that this file should be 960 px X 150 px.  Navigate back to Sites > [site name] > Skins > Customize Skin tab.  Go to the "Branding Logo Area field" and select the file you just uploaded.  Save.