Where do the various instructions on the vendor dashboard come from?

Pressero gives you the ability to assign orders to an outside vendor and have the system generate an email to them with a link to a dashboard that has all the order detail available for them to view. There are a few areas labeled as instructions on this dashboard.  Below is an explanation of where each of these sections is pulling the information:

General Instructions - These are the notes which are set for the vendor found in Preferences > Vendors > [vendor name] > "Notes" field. These instructions will appear whenever an order is assigned to this particular vendor. Good for things such as "Blind Ship all products to..." or "Call when order is ready", etc.

Customer Instructions - This comes from the "Acceptance text" set up for a product.  The acceptance text is used when there is information you want your customer to accept before you print. This is found in Sites > [site name] > Products > [product name] > General tab in the "Product Detail Page" section.  This can be either a check box or text box.  If it is a check box, it is displayed as "Accepted."  For a text box, the text entered by the user is displayed. An example of how this could be used is to ask the customer to verify that they have permission to print the document that they are uploading, or maybe accept the terms and conditions you have posted on your website. 

Item Instructions - This comes from the "Vendor Instructions" found in Sites > [site name] > Catalog > Products > [product name] > General tab in the "Order management" section. This information will show up on the vendor dashboard whenever an order for this product is assigned to a vendor. Good to use when there is specific printing or production information for this particular product that the vendor needs to know about. Example: "Match customers logo colors on file" or "Watch blue, printed too dark in past", etc.

Additional Information - This flows from the "Additional Instructions" entered by the customer on the product detail page during the ordering process.