What happens if my client's credit card payment is not successful?

In order to provide a solution to occasional errors in the shopping cart when incorrect credit card information has been entered, we have made some necessary adjustments to the way the checkout process behaves in Pressero, and how it logs orders in the admin area. These changes only apply to those payment providers where your customers’ credit card is being processed in the Pressero storefront.
1) As soon as the customer enters the credit card information, an order number will be assigned to the order. Previously, an order number was not given until the credit card process was successful.
2) If incorrect information is entered, the customer will be brought to a page that will allow them to fix any entries they made. This page will show the order number that is assigned and give them instruction on what problem was found. If the information entered was correct, they will go through the normal checkout process.
The user will also have an option to make the payment later. Once the order is places and not paid, the user will see an option of Pay Now on the order history. Using this Pay Now button the user will be able to make the payment at any point in time.
Another place where the user can see the Pay Now button:
3) In the Pressero admin order area, you will now find these orders immediately recorded. If the customer has entered incorrect information the order will be displayed, it will be marked as Order Cancelled and the paid box will remain unchecked. Once the customer has made any necessary corrections the Paid box will be checked & Order status will be changed to Order Received now indicating to you and your staff that the order is now ready to be processed.
In the above example order # 1266 is paid and hence the check mark in the Paid column and order # 1265 is not paid hence the paid box is not checked in the Paid column.
4) As with all other pages in the Pressero ordering process, we give you an option of adding your own message for your customers. You will find a new “Payment Page” instructions option in Admin > Site > Settings > Instructions.
5) It is important to enable Display Provider Error on the Payment Method settings on the site that it is working on, this will show the error that is getting returned from the provider to the client as they are trying to checkout, and will add the error to the status listing for that order that can be viewed when you are editing the order in your Pressero account.
If you have not activated an account with a payments provider, you will wish to do that as you will need your account credentials to setup the payment method to be used on your Pressero site. If your payment method requires the site to be secure, that can be enabled for your site as well. A list of supported credit-card payment services that work with Pressero can be found on our website under Pressero Apps and Services Integration Options.
Please see these articles related to setting up payment methods and enabling DNS and secure transactions for your sites if you have not done so already.
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