Can I change the zoom size for the product images on the product detail page using a custom skin?

All of the latest Pressero skins use an advanced JavaScript plugin on the product detail pages to display a gallery for product images. With this gallery a subscriber can upload one or multiple images for their product detail pages. The users on the site will see the gallery and have the ability to click on the product image and start a full size gallery and flip through all the images.
If you have a custom skin you have the ability to control the size of the zoomed images in the gallery. By default all of these images will zoom in to their maximum size.

Example gallery with multiple images


Example multiple image gallery zoomed


How to edit the zoomed image size

Editing the image size requires a custom skin and some coding knowledge. Please reference the following links to the Aleyant Skinning Documentation for specifics on each skin tag used.
Editing of the image gallery will be done within the productdetail.txt layout file. In this file you should have two skin tags, PRODUCTSINGLEIMAGE_JSON and PRODUCTMULTIPLEIMAGES_JSON. One controls the gallery if there is only one image uploaded to the gallery and one controls the gallery for multiple images. Both skin tags will need to be updated for either scenario to have the zoomed image size needed.
In each of these skin tags look for this line of code 
<a href="@@@IMAGEURL:xlarge@@@">
Here is where you change the zoomed image size. Here are 6 examples of  arguments that can be used here for the sub skin tag.
  • @@@IMAGEURL:xlarge@@@
  • @@@IMAGEURL:large@@@
  • @@@IMAGEURL:medium@@@
  • @@@IMAGEURL:mediumsquare@@@
  • @@@IMAGEURL:small@@@
  • @@@IMAGEURL:smallsquare@@@
We suggest that you use only the Large and XLarge arguments to get a proper enlarged size for your images.
If there is trouble with the quality of the zoomed images please make sure that the original product images that were uploaded art at least 150dpi and 800px on the shortest side, or larger.