Why are my eDoc production files missing?

To prevent users from printing orders that have not been paid or approved.  The eDoc files won't be generated until the order is paid and approved. 

Orders submitted under nonintegrated payment methods -- Open Terms, in other words -- are not subject to the payment requirement.

Orders submitted using any integrated payment method -- Paypal standard, Paypal Pro, Authorize.net, etc. -- require an actual payment before the eDocbuilder PDF will be generated.  The "paid" checkbox on the main orders grid is not what we are concerned with here. It is whether the order both needs and has an actual payment. If it is Open Terms, it does not need a payment. If it is any other payment method, it does need one.

In addition, there must be no unfulfilled approval requests. If an order falls subject to an approval rule and it has not yet been approved, then the eDocbuilder PDFs will not be generated until the approval has been granted. But if the order is not subject to any approval rule, this will not interfere.

You still can get the production files for orders that have not been marked as paid.  To get the production file for orders that are subject to the payment requirement but that are not marked as paid, you need to click the pencil icon next to the order to open it for editing.  Go to the "Payment" tab.  Then click the "+ Add Payment" to add a payment to the order.  You will need to enter the payment information AND check the "Mark Order as Paid?" check box.  Then save.  The system will identify the payment and fire the events that are needed to generate the production file.