eDocBuilder Magento Extension

eDocBuilder's open architecture allows for integration into the popular Magento ecommerce storefront. You can learn more about Magento at http://magento.com. A 3rd party developer has created a Magento extension that you may download here. To install, unzip into the Magento root folder, log in as admin, and configure.

If you are a Pressero user, you will need to purchase the eDocBuilder API to utilize the API. If you have licensed eDocBuilder separately, the API is already included for you.

This extension is provided as-is. Aleyant does not provide any support to configure or utilize the extension and does not guarantee its effectiveness. Aleyant will, however, support eDocBuilder itself, which includes what is seen in the eDocBuilder admin (creator) and test areas.

If you would like support or assistance, please contact the developer of the extension:debapi@gmail.com. Please note that any assistance provided is chargeable by the developer. We encourage you to set a price with the developer before proceeding with any services.