"Shopping cart is not ready for checkout" error

Question: My client is trying to submit an order, but after clicking the payment button, they receive the error message "Shopping cart is not ready for checkout." What is going wrong?
Answer: i) This error message is given when a product is assigned a different pricing engine between the time that the user added the product to their cart and the time they attempt to check out. Because the pricing that was originally assigned to the cart is no longer valid, the system is unable to calculate the appropriate price for checkout.
  • How can I find which product pricing was modified in the scenario where multiple items are added in the shopping cart?
Answer: If you have multiple items added to the shopping cart and you wants to know which product pricing was actually modified than you can easily identify by looking at the quantity & price of the item.
The one which was modified will show the quantity & price value as 0.
ii) This error message is also given if a user deletes an address from their address book after selecting that address as a ship to address for an item in the shopping cart.
Solution: On the shopping cart page, the user should click Edit next to the product. They should review their pricing selections. Then they should click "Add to Cart." They should now be able to check out.
If the error is due to a deleted address, the user can select a new shipping address directly on the shopping cart page.