Upload the tax rate information into my site

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Q: Is there an easier way to get the tax rates for every zip code entered into the site? 
  1. Our programmers can upload them through the database. We need the information requested in the admin > Site > Settings > tax area. The information to include in your database file depends on what type of tax you are trying to input, you should create a column for each question that you see needs to be answered. 
  2. Use the Pressero integration with Avalara tax service.  Please see this article for more information:
  3. If you work with a different 3rd party tax rate software product you could send us the list and we can upload it for you when needed. 
  4. If you have, or pick up XML Web Services you could write a script to import the data as needed using the Pressero API. 
Suggestion For option 1 or 3: Since tax rates are entered on a site by site basis, we suggest doing this one time to a default site you set up for this purpose. Every time you need to create a new site with the same tax information you can duplicate the default site as a starting point so you do not need to pay for the import again. 
Send a support ticket to us for more information and pricing information.