Can I create columns of text that overflow from one field to the next in eDocBuilder?

For standard (form based) templates, you can set two text form fields and have the text overflow from the first text field to flow to the second. To do this, follow these instructions:

1)  On the Field Type tab of the field in which the user will be inputting the text, set this to be a Text field from User Entry.  Make sure that you do *NOT* have the Force Fit setting turned on.  Force Fit is found on the Format tab.
2)  On the Field Type tab of the field that should contain the overflow text, set this to be a Text field from Text Overflow.  On the Data Capture tab, select the field from step one.  You will notice that the Format tab disappears when you set the field to be a Text Overflow field.  This field will automatically pick up the formatting from the field you select on the Data Capture tab (the field from step 1).