• Integration - Printer's Plan

Integration – Printer's Plan 

This document describes the integration of Printer’s Plan with Pressero.  

Before You Begin 

The following steps describe the integration of Printer’s Plan with Pressero. Before you begin, you will need the address of the cXML server (Printer’s Plan URL).  Printer's Plan will provide you with two URL's addresses on Printer's Plan.

The CXML Listener URL will be used for the setup to push the order's to Printer's Plan, documented below. There is also a Listener URL that will be used when setting up price engines on Pressero to pull pricing from Printer's Plan. Please see the chapter Ch. 010 External Pricing Services for more information on the pricing integration.

Add New Embedded Services Account 

In the Pressero admin, go to Preferences > Embedded Services and click the +Add New button 



In the Embedded Services: Add new account window, click the Provider drop-down and select Printer’s Plan cXML 

Enter a name in the Name field, then enter the URL of the Printer’s Plan cXML server in the Server URL field. 

Click Save 


Next, the integration must be enabled at the site level. Go to Sites > [select site] > Embedded Services, locate the Printer’s Plan service in the list and click the Enable Service Integration checkbox. 

Click Save