Can I populate an image field based on the selection in a dropdown list?

You can have the user make a selection in a drop down menu, and based on that selection an image field would be populated.  You would need two fields on the master pdf. The fields would be set up like this:

Field one - contains the question/dropdown menu


  • Field type tab - text coming from user entry
  • Data capture tab - User control type = dropdown list
    • The List options would look like this:
      • A|image1.tif
      • B|image2.tif
    • The image1.tif and image2.tif names would need to be replaced by the exact names of the files you upload to the Graphic files area of the template.  
    • A and B would need to be replaced by the options you would like the user to see/select.



Field two - contains the image


  • Field type tab - image coming from static text or field scripting
  • Field Scripting tab - Set the script type to be HTML.  
    • From the dropdown list of fields, choose Field one.
  • The images would need to be uploaded to the graphic files area of the template - NOT the image picker area.