When the *startDocSession* method is called and new *docSessionId* is generated, when does the session expire?

"Expiration" is a bit of a tricky question. Technically we don't expire sessions; however, several things can make them no longer usable.

  1. Saved text values for a session are never deleted. We still have sessions in the database going back to 2008.

  2. A session can get stale. If a template is updated so that it has different field names, or the asset files for master PDF, fonts, graphics or image pickers are changed, there's a good likelihood that the session can no longer be used. We do not enforce this; you will get an error message.

  3. Any session which was created, but never updated at all, will have all of its files deleted after 3 days. Since it was never updated, the only possible file would be the initial preview image. 

  4. Any session which was updated once but never approved, will have its files deleted after 90 days. This includes any image files uploaded to the session, the proof PDF, and any preview JPGs generated.

  5. Approved sessions will have their files deleted after 18 months. This includes any image files, the proof PDF, preview JPGs, and final output files.