Site options for SSL settings in Domains window

As of 2017, secure certificates can be enabled on any Pressero site and installed automatically for any site. Any old certificate ordering information no longer applies. Please check announcement and instructions on articles below:
Change to the Automatic Certificate System (HTTPS/SSL/TLS) for Pressero
What do I do when I'm ready to "go live" with my Pressero site?
Previous answer:
Under the window at Sites > sitename > Settings > Domains, there are controls for setting SSL options for the domain names the site uses. When adding a domain name that should use an SSL certificate, the domain name is entered under New Domain Name, Use SSL Certificate for this Domain should be checked and clicking Add New Domain will add that new domain name to the Domains for this Site listing on the right. A domain name that is set for SSL will appear highlighted in blue on the domains list, and will have an HTTPS label and lock icon displayed to the right of the domain name. If you wish to set an existing domain on this list to use an SSL certficiate, select that domain name and click Set as https. A domain name already set to use https can be selected and set back to not use as certficate as the button will change to Set as http. Note: Do not enable these settings unless you have activated In-Store Credit Card Processing with an SSL certificate for your Pressero sites. Please open a ticket on our portal if you have any questions related to In-Store Credit Card Processing for your Pressero sites.