How can I let my customer see a larger version of the product image?

Although there is only one zoom level when you click the product image on a product page, there are two options to allow your users to view a larger product image: 
1) Disable the image on the product page and include a large version of the image in the product description. To do this, please use the following process in Site > Products > [Specific Product]:
a) "General" tab - Uncheck the box next to "Display product image on product detail page".
b) "Description" tab - Use the Image Manager (an icon that looks like the sun over two mountains) to insert a large version of your product image into the Long Description area.
c) Click "Save" when you are finished.
2) Allow the customer to download a larger image of the product. (In this case, we would suggest including some sort of "EXAMPLE" marking in the file, so that the customer doesn't try to have their downloaded file printed elsewhere.) To set this up, go to Site > Assets. Click "Add New Asset". When configuring the asset's settings, choose "Product" from the Usage For menu; you'll then be able to select the specific product the file belongs to. Be sure to check the "Customer Can Download" box. After you complete the configuration and select the file in the Upload Asset area, click "Save Asset".
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