Internal Ordering Setup

My company currently uses Pressero primarily for the use of sites. I have been informed that there is an option available through Aleyant Systems for an internal ordering system. This would be used for putting in job tickets that show all of the specifications for the print job, I'd like to know more about it. 
You can create a B2B account that is for internal purposes and branded for your company
  • Create a Product on that site that can collect general information about the job
  • My suggestion is to create a custom form that asks for details and assign it to this general product. This could be like a custom quote form (example: This information will be part of the order detail and on the job ticket created. 
  • Create a pricing calculator that allows entry of the quoted cost that you want to charge (example:
  • Assign two different payment methods if you want... one for cc info if you have it, and the other for pay on terms if you are going to bill them. 
  • Maybe add the option for a PO number for customers who need that on their billing. This is part of the site settings setup area of admin.
  • Either set the site up to allow self sign up so that your staff can simply add a new user from the portal, or create one user account and set it up as a "shared" account. 
    • If self sign up, you could even give the customer the username and password you used and let them log in to see the status of the job. Subsequent jobs could be entered into their same account to keep track of their orders. 
    • If a shared account then the portal would not show any order history to the customers but you would not have to create a new account for every order you put in.