How many products are displayed per page?

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To prevent category pages from being very long when there is a large number of products in a category, Pressero sites automatically split the products into separate pages. The number of products displayed on a page varies based on the skin a site is using. The following is a list of how many products are displayed per category page for each skin:
Algernon: 21
Clean & Clear: 21
Ender's Game: 21
Griffin: 21
Holmes: 10
I, Robot: 21
Improved Legacy: 24
Legacy: no product paging (all displayed on 1 page)
Moriarty: 21
Rumfoord: 24
Santiago: 21
The Doctor: 21
The Post: 21
Watson: 20
Responsive skins:
Bootstrap Basic: 15
Bootstrap Basic (no sidebar): 15
Cerulean: 15
Readable: 15
Super Hero: 15
A limit other than those listed above can be implemented through using a custom skin.