How do I setup and adjust MyOwnPrintShop?

After the MyOwnPrintShop instant retail store has been added to your account, there are some adjustments you will need to make to tailor the site to your company. At a minimum, you must add a payment method and a shipping method to the store. An error will display on the Home page until you do. Please note, the list below is not a complete "how to instructions", please review the user manual and training videos for complete details. Links to both resources are at the bottom of this article.
  1. Shipping. Add a Shipping Method (Preferences > Shipping Methods), then turn it on for the store (Sites > Settings > Shipping) An error will display on the Home page until you do this.
  2. Payment. Add a Payment Method (Preferences > Payments), then turn it on for the store (Sites > Settings > Payments) An error will display on the Home page until you do this.
  3. Branding. Replace the logo and the store name. (Sites > Settings > General Info tab > Branding)
  4. Contact Us. Edit the Contact Block and Footer Block (Sites > Settings > Content tab)
  5. Content Pages. Edit/review the Contact Us, Accepted File Formats, Privacy Policy and Terms pages (Sites > Pages). To turn off a page, go to Sites > Pages, Access Control tab, uncheck all Groups, Save.
  6. Products. Turn off any unwanted Product (Sites > Products > Site Groups > Uncheck all groups)
  7. Pricing. Edit product pricing (Preferences > Pricing Engines > download Excel file > Edit > Upload, Save)
  8. Navigation. For any product or page, you have turned off, drag it from the left side navigation into the trash, Save.
Of course, you can also change the site's skin, color scheme, add products, add pricing, add new pages, etc. just like any other Pressero store.

The MyOwnPrintShop add-on to Pressero takes up one of your Pressero plan's B2C slots. For example, if you have a Pressero Standard, this will be your one and only B2C store. If you have Standard and need another retail store you'll need to contact us to add a second store upgrade to your plan.

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