Using POP instead of IMAP in Email Client Software

Please note: As of 3-1-15 E-mail hosting is no longer available to new customers. If you are currently using our e-mail service you should note that we will cease providing email hosting soon. We will send out information about this change, and begin working with customers on this transition over the next few weeks.   
Pop generally will download the message from the email server (smartermail) to the client (imail, Outlook, etc.) and then delete it from the server.  IMAP keeps the mail on the server.  Webmail also keeps the mail on the server.  So deleting from Webmail will delete it from the server, which impacts IMAP.
IMAP is great, but involves storing all mail on the server.  The Pressero subscription agreement really can not  provide enough server space for our customers to do this without going over the allotted amount. 
The best approach is to use POP, but configure the client to at least save the last 7 days on the server before deleting.  This allows for access to recent (last 7 days) email via Webmail, but won't use up too much storage.