Can I use an analytics script on my site such as Google Analytics?

Yes, you may insert an analytics script in a B2C site in Sites > Site name > Settings > SEO/HTML tab in the Analytics Script area and the Checkout Conversion Analytics Script area. Please take note of the points below.
  • Manually inserting analytics scripts via the HTML Head Content section or via a custom skin should not be done. Analytics scripts should only be inserted in the two analytics sections. 
  • Checkout analytics are generated by the Pressero system based on the script you add.
  • Google Tag Manager is also now supported in Pressero as earlier, it was not because it requires you to place script code between the body tag (opening and closing) and we did not have a place in settings that will put the code right after the opening body tag.
  • For more details on Google Tag Manager, please visit this blog article: Pressero HTML/SEO Area Enhanced – We Now Have Support for Google Tag Manager