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Click to view the following training videos. NOTE: If you have trouble viewing the video online, download the video to view it offline. If you do not have Flash downloaded to your computer you will need to do that in order to view older videos. Videos indicated with a note of being updated March 2014 and after will be visible from YouTube.

New eDocBuilder Users... this is a great place to start!

Template Construction Assistance - This series of videos will walk you through one project building one popular feature at a time to help you understand the capabilities of a Forms Based eDocBuilder Template.

How is the Interactive Designer version of eDocBuilder different than the Forms Based shown above? Take a few moments to watch Lesson 8 below.

Details on each area and tab in eDocBuilder

Imposition Tab

Font Library Tab

Image Library Tab

Color Palettes Tab

Orders Tab

Admin Tab

Storage Tab - Coming Soon


Templates Tab

Template Info


  • Fonts - Updated June 2014
  • Graphic Files and Image Picker Groups
  • Background Files- Coming Soon
  • Image Picker Groups- Coming Soon

Field Setup

Response Sets

Testing Your Template

Feature Specific Tutorials



Tips & Tricks

These fast moving tips assume basic familiarity with setting up eDocBuilder templates.