My SSL certificate is not displaying the "green lock" I want in my site URL

Please note that all pages in your site will run in SSL mode and all links will need to be in https and not http. If you are not displaying a green lock ahead of your domain name, this likely means that you have links on your site that are using http. When we install the certificate the system will automatically make the change so this is not a problem. Be sure after that date to always use https when creating new links. 

You can find the non-secure links by going to your website in your browser, right clicking and choosing "View Page Source."  Once the page source opens up, click Ctrl + F to open up a search box.  Then search for "http://". You will need to do this on every page of your site to which you have added links.  Also, please be sure to check this when you add new links or images to your site.
Please see the below reference image: