Ch. 064 Email Notification History

Email Notification History

This area is used to review which email messages have been sent, when they were sent, their subject matter, and who they were sent to. You can verify if an email has been sent by the Pressero system by looking here. You can also resend an email if you need to. To get to this area, go to: Admin > Sites > Choose the site > Email Notification History.


Click on the "Filter" bar at the top of the page to set the date range you need to search for notification emails. 



Note: The search functionality on this window allows for searching on the Subject and Recipient fields of the messages. It does not search on the message content or type of message.

View Detail and Re-send Email 

Click on the "eye" icon beside the row that contains the email you are checking on. This will open a window that will show you what the email looks like and allows you to either resend the notification, or to view the email in a browser window so you can send your customer the link. 


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