The functionality available under Tools > Proofs allows for sending a standalone proof for approval by a client. This proof is just a file included with an email message that gives the receiver the ability to confirm that the proof is approved. This functionality is not directly tied to orders on the Pressero storefront, so is a means of sending a standalone file and message for approval to a client.

If you need to have proofs and approvals on items through orders on the site, that can be enabled on the Pressero storefront through the products being used, the site user settings, and also through enabling settings on the specific eDocBuilder templates being used by the products.

Please note that if the site you set for FTP and Proofs in Preferences > General Settings is a B2B site, the user must have an account on that site and login in order to respond to the proof. It is recommended that you not set this to a B2B site unless you want users to be required to have an account and login in order to respond to proofs.

To send a standalone proof, go to Tools > Proofs after logging in to your Pressero account:

Create A New Proof

Click on the "+ Add New" button at the top of the page.

Fill the fields as prompted and upload the file that you would like the recipient to download and review.

Proof Name - This is a required field. Enter a name for the proof. Your customer will see this name.

File - Upload the file you want your customer to download and review.

Information (optional) - Optional text that you want your customer to see (example: "Please review the final proof. The correction on page 3 has been completed.")

Who Should it be sent to?

Site Name - This is optional. Use this drop-down list as a way to search for customers that may be included in your storefronts. If the proof is for a customer not set up in any of your stores, leave it blank. When you select a storefront in the Site Name drop-down, the Email and Recipient Name fields will populate for that Site. Then select either the person's email or their name.

If you don't click a selection, whatever you type is used when Send Proof is clicked.

Email - Enter the email address of the person that this proof should go to.

Recipient Name - Enter the name of the person that this proof should go to. If you chose a site name from the drop-down you should be able to pick from a list of site users instead of typing in a name. If the customer is not a site user then type in their name.

Click "Send Proof."

The Process to Approve a Proof

The recipient is notified by an email that contains a link to download and view the proof. They are also provided a link to respond to the proof which brings them to the site you specified in Preferences > General Settings > Site for FTP and Proofs.

The image below is an example of a proof notification email that is generated. Notice that the information text is added to the email along with the proof name and file name.

The image below shows the Proof download that is displayed in the site that you set as the site for Proofs. The customer can click on the download link to view the file you uploaded for review.


After they download the file they can now click on "Approve" or "Reject." They can also submit optional feedback to you. Your recipient will receive an immediate "Thank You" message for responding to the proof.

While awaiting approval, the Proof area will display a Waiting status for the response.



Email notifications are sent to all the Admin Users when a Proof is Accepted or Rejected.

After the Proof is Approved, or Not Approved, the status will change accordingly and the date of the response displayed.

Proof files have a total file transfer limit per upload session of 1 GB or 2 hours.

For the proofing system to work, make sure you have set a proofing location in Preferences > General Settings > Site for FTP and Proofs. This is the site that the recipient will Approve or Not Approve the proof.

If you need to check the email notification history for proofs, you will find them in the site folder of the site you chose for Proofs in the general settings.

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