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File Manager

Files associated with Orders, Skins, FTP accounts, and File Upload Forms are stored here. These files can be added, deleted and updated by you. To access the File Manager, go to: Admin > Tools > File Manager. 


Where the different folders come from:

  • WebFiles - A repository for images and docs from the WYSIWYG editors. An example would be images that you add in the long description area of your products and categories, or the images you place on custom pages you create. 
  • Orders - Files that are part of an order will be labeled with the order number. If files are associated with items in an Open Cart, or Saved for Later, the folder will be named with the Order ID. This will be a long string of alpha numeric characters. See image below for an example of order files. 
  • SkinImages - Image files you added for use with Site Skins are kept here. If you are in the skinning area of a site and choose to upload a new image (a banner image as an example), it will bring you to this folder so that the image can be added here. If you have a lot of images for your skins you may just want to add them directly here so they are available to you when you work on the skin. See the chapter on Skinning for more information. 
  • FTP - Files that are sent via a store's FTP account. File size may be limited to 250MB if using the store's browser-based login/file upload. Uploads via an ftp program may allow higher limits. See the chapter on FTP for more detail on how this FTP is different than what we suggest at the start of the chapter (us giving you FTP access to the File Manager).
  • Uploads - Files sent using a Form's file upload field. See the chapter on Forms here. 

To see the files in each folder, click on the folder. As an example: see the image below. This is the "Orders" folder. Inside that folder is a list of orders by number. Looking at Order #646 can see items that were included with that order (folder 1) and inside folder 1 I can see both the production file from eDocBuilder, along with the proof image created of the production file. 


To manage the files you have a selection of options. From left to right: Back button, Forward button, open folder (can also just click on the folder), refresh, delete, grid view with details, thumbnail view, upload option.


Upload to the File Manager

With your cursor on a folder, select the "Upload" option (see above). 


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