Ch. 067 Barcode Scanning

Barcode Scanning

If the production facility uses barcode scanners at the work stations, orders in the Pressero Order management area can be updated with a new Status via the scanners. To use the barcode scanning function you need to go to Admin > Tools > Bar Code Scanning.

The printed job ticket for an order has a 3 of 9 barcode. By scanning this code and using this control area, the order's status will be changed. The barcode is 12 characters. The first 7 are the order number, the second 5 are the item number (left padded with zeros). For example, 000001200001 means order 12, item 1.

In the image below we see two barcodes displayed on the Order Summary report. Please note that the top barcode is for integration purposes only, and although it applies to the entire order, it cannot be scanned for status changes to all the items in the order. The second one, which is displayed alongside a product in the order, can change the status of that item when scanned. Barcodes can be found on all three order reports (summary, detail, pick list).


To change the status of an item, log into your admin area and go to the barcode scanning section (Admin > Tools > Bar Code Scanning). Next, position the cursor in the Barcode text box, then scan the barcode next to the item on the job ticket. You will need to click the Lookup button, or if your scanner sends a line feed at the end of its scan, this will be automatically clicked for you. Select the status from the drop-down list that will appear. This will automatically set the status for the item.

After you scan the first barcode and choose the status from the drop-down, you can choose the option for the "preserve and use previously selected status" so that the next time a barcode is scanned during your login session, it already has that status as a choice. Otherwise, you will always need to change the status from the drop-down. Notes work the same way. 

After you scan the barcode, the new status will be displayed in the Orders area both in the order summary screen (see image below), in the order detail (selecting the pencil icon), on your order reports, and in the customer's order history.