Ch. 066 Duplicate Site

Duplicate Site

Built into Pressero is the ability to duplicate a site. This can save you a lot of time when you have similar site setup from one account to the other. You can choose from a variety of items to either include or exclude from the duplication process. 

To duplicate a site, go to Admin > Sites. Click the Duplicate Site button at the top of the list.  

Existing Sites - Select the existing site you want to duplicate from the Existing Sites drop-down. 

Site Name - Enter the name of the new site in the Site Name field. 

Site URL - Enter the primary domain name for the site to run under. Enter the full domain name without the "http://". For example: This URL must not be used by any of your other sites or you will not be able to duplicate the site. If you have issues, make sure this URL isn't being used by a Deleted site. If it is used by a Deleted site, change the URL in the deleted site, save it, and then delete the site again so the URL becomes available to you again. 

If you want your site to run at a temporary domain, remember to end the URL with the temporary domain assigned to you when you began your Pressero subscription. This domain would look something like: For example, the temporary URL you assign to your duplicate site would be similar to:

Site Type - The site type governs the overall functionality of the entire site. The Customer Specific Store (B2B) is an e-commerce site that has limited access to specific users; Retail (B2C) Stores are e-commerce stores open to the general public; Informational Sites are websites with no e-commerce. You can duplicate from one type to the other but depending on which you are duplicating FROM, some additional setup may be required. 

Click on the options you want to include in the duplication process: 

The following items are choices in duplicating a site: 

  • Groups
  • Users (Guest Users are not duplicated)
  • Pages
  • Categories *
  • Products *
  • Pricing Engine Assignment *
  • Assets *
  • Navigation menus
  • Embedded Services
  • Profile Fields
  • Custom Emails

* Items marked with an asterisk are not available when duplicating from an Informational site.

The following are not choices and do not duplicate: 

  • Purchase Order Codes
  • Promotions
  • Locations
  • Departments
  • Inventory
  • Approval Plans

When you are done, click the Duplicate Site button at the bottom of the page.

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