Ch. 061 Purchase Order Codes

Purchase Order Codes (B2B sites only)

If the client has pre-defined PO Codes that need to be referenced in the order, you can pre-load them and have them available in the checkout process. You can also assign a PO code to a site user so they do not need to choose one from the list. See Site Users setup for more detail on this option. 
You will have an option to change the prompt the customer sees in the store so if you want to use Purchase Order Codes for other codes or information that needs to be gathered such as a Funding Code, Department Code, etc., that is possible. See information on this further on this page. 
To manage PO Codes for a B2B site, go to: Admin > Sites > Choose a Site > Purchase Order Codes


Adding and Editing a PO Code

To add New PO Codes click on the "Add New" link at the top of the page. If you have a large number of PO Codes to add, you can also use the Import / Export feature. 
  • Purchase Order Code - Enter the Purchase Order Code / Funding Code here. There is a limit of 80 characters for the code.
  • Description - This optional description will be shown to the site user at checkout. 
  • Limit to this location - Select a location added in Sites > Locations and Departments, only if you need to limit the PO Code to a specific location. Leave it unset if that is not a requirement of this site/store.
To Edit a Purchase Order Code, click on the pencil icon to display the details of the PO Code. 

Not Just for PO Codes

Even though this area references PO Codes, it can be used for other codes as well and you are able to change the prompt for this information. As an example, you may need to collect a Funding Code, or a Department Code, etc. Even though the admin will continue to reference PO code in the order detail and in the report writer, the site user/buyer can be prompted for the name of the code that is needed. 

In the image below you can see in the Admin > Sites > Site > Settings > General Tab > Checkout Section, that you can set the prompt that the customer will see for the code. In this image, you can also see that on a site level you can also choose to list the codes based on the Billing location, set the requirement to either optional or required and also set an option to allow a custom code that has not been pre-loaded for them. 


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