Pressero offers several different ways you can offer a discount to an order at checkout. To create promotions, go to: Admin > Sites > Choose a Site > Promotions. The Promotion will be triggered by the User entering a Promotion Code you create on the checkout page. The buyer can enter one promotion code per order.More than one Promotion can be run at the same time, but only one promotion code can be used during checkout.

Create a New Promotion

Click on the "Add New" link at the top of the page

Code - This is the coupon code that the buyer must enter to get the promotional discount.Each Promotion must use a unique promotion code. Do not reuse promotion codes. Also do not use special characters.

Name -The name of the promotion you are running. This is for internal purposes.

Display Text -This text will display on the site when the buyer uses the promotion.

Type -Select the type of promotion you would like to create. Your choices here are:
  • % Discount off Subtotal of order
  • Amount off Subtotal of order
  • % off Shipping & Handling
  • Amount off Shipping & Handling
  • % off Specific Product
  • Amount off Specific Product
  • % off Specific Category of Products
  • Amount off Specific Category of Products
Discount Percent - Enter the percent discount for the promotion when applicable. Should be expressed as a percent. You do not need to enter the % symbol, it will be entered automatically as soon as you enter the amount. Example, Five and a half percent on the dollar is 5.5%. Enter 5.5.

Discount Amount- Enter the amount of the promotion when applicable (does not apply to % off promotions). No need to add the currency symbol as this will be entered automatically.

Category - This option will display when you have selected either % or amount off a specific category of products. Select which category you want this promotion to apply to.

Start Date -The date the promotion will become valid.

End Date - The date the promotion will end.

Usage of Promo -Three choices:
  • Normal - each time the promotion code is entered at the checkout the promotion discount will be given to the buyer.
  • Once per user- each site user account is allowed to use the promotional code and receive the discount once.
  • Once only - each promotional code can be used once per site. This option is used in some popular marketing

If More Than - If you would like the discount to only apply after the customer has spent a certain amount in the store, you can enter the amount here. This option does not apply to promotions for shipping and handling or specific product.

Apply discount to - If you've created a promotion for Amount off a Category of Products you will want to specify if the discount applies to the subtotal of the order or each product. If you've chosen to set a promotion for a % off the category of products, your only option here is to apply that percentage discount to each product that is in that category.
  • Subtotal of the order- A flat rate of the discount amount will be applied to an order even if multiple items from the promotional category are added to the shopping cart.
  • Each Product - The discount amount will be applied to every item from the category that was added to the shopping cart.

Import / Export Promotion Codes

You may also Import a list and export promotion codes. You will first want to Export the database file we provide, then fill in the information that is needed, and upload to the system. The export file will include all promotion code information previously added, so you can use this export to edit promotions as well. Every promotion must have a unique code, including the deleted promos. Do not delete the column header row from the template. The discount percentage must be entered as a decimal, .10 for example, if the column is formatted as a number. If you format the column as a percentage, then you can enter the discount percentage as a whole number, 10% for example.

At the bottom of the promotions page you will find the Import / Export option. Click on the bar and the prompts will display.

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