How to configure and Assign Company Calendars to sites

What are Company Calendars

Company calendars are calendars created by admin users and are used to configure the business days for a specific site or a group of sites. On the company calendar edit page, you can set which days of the week are business days and also register all holidays for the year and future years. This setting will affect the the Required Ship date only for now. When a calendar is assigned to a site, it will only allow the customer to select dates that are business days for the site.
All companies have a default calendar named "Default Calendar" and any sites that are not yet associated to a specific calendar will be assigned to the Default Calendar. The Default Calendar is configured in a way that all days of the week are business days and there are no holidays. The default calendar can be edited.

Managing Company Calendars

To create, edit and delete company calendars access the following menu path: Preferences -> Company Calendars -> Calendar List.
All active calendars will be listed once the page loads. Deleted calendars can be found by selecting the "Include Deleted" checkbox on the top right corner. 
From the calendars listing, the user will be able to create a new calendar using the "Add new" button or edit an existing calendar by clicking the pencil icon beside the calendar name.
Once in the calendar add/edit page, the user may set the calendar's name, select the calendars weekdays and add, edit or delete the calendars holidays. 
The holidays can be set to repeat annually. This means that all annually repeated holidays don't require the user to set the year and that holiday will be repeated every year on the same day and month. The non-repeatable holidays will occur only on the informed day, month and year.
The Sites Association section lists all the sites that are currently associated with this calendar. Changing site association can be done on the Site Association page. See below.
To delete a calendar, first click the pencil icon beside the calendar name and once on the edit page. Then click the "Delete" button. All the sites associated with a deleted calendar will be automatically associated to the Default Calendar.

Association Calendars and Sites

To associate company calendars to sites access the following menu path: Preferences -> Company Calendars -> Site Association.
All the subscriber's active sites will be listed with the associated calendar beside it. The user may change the calendar and site association manually for each desired site and then press the "Save" button.
There is also the option for bulk edit. In this case, the user must select the checkbox by each desired site and then click the Bulk Edit button. A popup will be displayed where the user may set a calendar for all the selected sites. After that just press "Ok" and then the "Save" button.

Checkout Process

Once all the calendar and site associations are done, the customer will be able to see which days are available to select on the requested ship date calendar during the checkout process. The non-business days will be grayed out from the calendar so the customer will not be able to select these days. 
The earliest suggested shipping date will also be affected by that. It will take into account the number of business days to ship configured in the product and the associated calendar. 
For example:
Lets say that today is Dec.15th (Thursday). The user is ordering a product that takes 1 business day to be ready, the calendar has Mon-Fri set as business days and a holiday is set to happen on Dec.16th (Friday). Without the calendar setting, the earliest ship date would be Dec.16th since it takes 1 business day to get the order ready. But since the calendar states that Dec. 16th is a holiday and Saturday and Sunday are not business days, the earliest ship date will be set to Dec. 20th.