Ch. 056 Product Duplication

Duplicating Products

Pressero allows you to duplicate a product from one site to another, or within the same site, to save you time. Very often a particular site, or Pressero account will use the same settings for most of its products. If you have a product set up that shares most of the same settings it will save a lot of time to duplicate that product and then just make the necessary changes needed for the new product.  


To duplicate a product, go to the site that has the product you want to duplicate. Admin > Sites > Choose the site that has the product > Catalog > Products > Click on the bar at the top of the page that says "Duplicate Product".
Site Name: Product List - Select a product that you want to duplicate from the drop down list. 
See image below. After you select the product from the list the window will expand to include additional prompts that need to be completed. 
Duplicate Product to - Select to which site the product should be duplicated to. 
New Product Url - Provide a URL for the new product. Be careful to make this unique to the site. The duplication will not be successful if you give it a URL that is already being used for the site you are duplicating to. 
New Product Name - Provide a name for the new product. 

To finish, click the "Duplicate" button.


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