Ch. 054 Product SEO for B2C Sites

Setting SEO for your products (B2C only)

If you do not complete any of the information on this page, the Product will use the default SEO content created in Site Settings (Admin > Sites > Choose site > Settings > SEO/HTML tab).  Use this area to over-ride the default SEO content for a specific product . Any SEO field left blank in will use your default SEO info. In this area you can also add css or javascript to the head area. 

Page Title Field
Enter information here to override the title on the product page.

Content Language
This field will tell search engines what natural language website is written in (e.g. English, French, Spanish).

The copyright meta-tag defines any copyright statements you wish to disclose about your webpage documents.

This feature lets you define the author of the Product pages by inserting a meta-tag in the head of the page.

The robots attribute, supported by several major search engines, controls whether search engine spiders are allowed to index page, or not, and whether they should follow links from a page, or not.  (e.g. no index, nofollow)

Revisit After
The revisit meta-tag defines how often a search engine or spider should come to your website for re-indexing. (e.g. one day or 10 days)

The description attribute provides a concise explanation of the webpage's content.

This field allows you to provide keywords pertaining to the site's content.

This area is for any extra code that needs to be placed into the head content area. This is to be used with caution because formatting this section with incorrect HTML could very likely cause the product page to not display. 
To get more information on adding code to the head content, go to this chapter on site SEO settings. 
While Pressero provides the functionality you need for good SEO data, we are not SEO experts and do not give advice on what information should be entered into these areas. You should refer to the many helpful resources for SEO or consult an SEO expert. We do have helpful information in our support portal and occasionally we also have webinars on the subject to help you. 

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