Ch. 053 Assigning Attributes to a Product

Assigning Product Attributes

As we learned in a previous chapter, product attributes allow you to "tag" a product in a store so that additional information about the product can be known and included on reports. To assign the product attributes to your products go to: admin > Sites > Choose a site > Catalog > Products > Choose a product, or start new > Attributes Tab.

For more information on Product Attributes, please go to this chapter in the Preferences area of admin.
Attribute - Select an attribute from the drop down list. 
Value - Enter a value to go with the attribute. For example, if the attribute is "color", you might want to add a value of "full" or "BW". 
Add to the List after setting the attribute and value
Attribute List - This is the list of attribute / value pairs that have been assigned to this product. To remove a pair click on the  button next to the pair. To edit the pair you will need to delete and recreate a new pair.