Pressero subscription expiration notification

Subscribers to Pressero may have received access through one of our channel partners with the implementation of a "termed" subscription agreement (like 1 year or 5 years). When the subscription starts to reach the end of the term, Pressero will begin to notify you once your subscription will expire within 60 days.

Once your subscription will expire in 60 days, you will see a warning notification on the admin page at the bottom left.

This notification is closeable. Once it's closed we will show expiration date lable on the top bar.

When your subscription expiration reaches 30 days, you will see another alert notification on the admin page at the bottom left.

We will continue to show the expiration date label on the top bar once the subscription has expired as well.

Once your subscription expired, you will see an alert dialog. 

It is a good idea to begin the process of renewal with your sales rep as soon as you see the first notification. Depending on the response time on both sides, you want to avoid any service interruptions by renewing before the term expires. Once you have signed a new agreement, it resets the "clock" on the term beyond 60 days, and the notification will disappear from the Pressero UI until it reaches 60 days again.