Do I need to provide a certificate and a certificate password when setting up or editing an SSO configuration?

When you are setting up or editing an SSO configuration for a Pressero site, there are fields for Service Certificate and Certificate Password. These fields appear to be marked as required, but a service certificate and password are only required if the metadata file does not already have the certificate embedded.

The browser may also try to put an autofill value into the Certificate Password field, and even sometimes into the Metadata File URL (iDP) field.

If you are uploading a metata file here, it usually has the certificate embedded inside of it, then leave Service Certificate and Certificate password blank. If there is a masked value present in Certificate Password, then delete it before savhing the changes on this window. 

Unless you are using a URL address value to your metadata file, then any value showing in Metadata File URL (iDP) can also be deleted before saving any changes on this window.