Ch. 016a - sendcloud (Carrier Account Setup)

To integrate Sendcloud with Pressero, you will first need to have an account with Sendcloud. Please note that the credentials used for integration are different from your regular Sendcloud website login details. 

You will need to obtain the Sendcloud Public Key and Secret Key from your Sendcloud integration manager.

To obtain the Public Key and Secret Key, you can follow the Sendcloud documentation.

Once you have created an account with Sendcloud, enter the Public Key and Secret Key for that account into the Carrier Account setup page in Pressero, and click "Save."

Please note that the method list is dynamic and depends on what the customer has configured on the Sendcloud page. The available methods displayed on the checkout page are based on Sendcloud configurations. Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the method name as it is derived from the Sendcloud configuration.

In some cases, certain methods require the use of a service point. If you want to remove this shipping option, you will need to disable it in Sendcloud by checking the corresponding option in the Sendcloud integration configuration.

If this option is enabled in Sendcloud and the customer selects a shipping method that requires a service point, Pressero will provide a map showing all available service points. The customer can then select one of the service points from the list.

During the checkout process, the customer can view the selected service point on the checkout page.

Additionally, in the admin area, you can review the service point that the customer has selected in the order information.

Go here for more information on Shipping Methods.