Ch. 047 Locations & Departments for B2B Sites

Users of a B2B Customer Storefront may be in different departments, buildings, cities, or countries. Use this area to enter location details and the departments at those locations as needed. The Locations & Associated Departments can be used as user selectable ShipTo and Bill To locations in the storefront Checkout process.

Depending on how you have your site settings field for "Address Book Mode" set up, will determine how this screen looks. The example in the image below is from a B2B site with the Address Mode set to "Locations". That means that the company locations are set up prior to the uses entering and ordering from the site. They will either be able to choose from these locations to ship and bill their order to, or based on the site setting, the location associated with their user account could be set to one of these locations and departments by default.

If you attempt to set up locations and only see an area for departments, that means that you have your site settings set up to "Address Book Only" which means the person ordering is responsible for maintaining their own addresses and choosing in the store where to bill and ship.

Add a New Location

Click on the "Add New Location" link at the top of the page.

Below is an image of both the location and the department setup for a B2B site that is set to Location Only in the Address Book Mode. Compare the entried here with the following images that show areas in the system that you will have this detail available to you and the site user.

This is an image of the buyers shopping cart. Notice in the shipping details that all the information entered in the location area display in the cart.

In the image below you can see the information that is included from the location for the billing address.

The image below shows the detail shown for the order confirmation that is given to the customer as soon as they place the order. Notice that both the location and the department informaiton displays for them.

Below is an image of the Admin's order detail report.

Locations section

Location Code - Required field. A location code can be made of letters and numbers. In many locations it is a shortened or "nickname" for the location, such as: HQ for the Headquarters of the corporation.

General Information- Currently this field does not display in the order detail but it does display in reports run from the report writer if you select that option. You may use it for informational purposes about the specific location.

Enter / Edit Address Info section

Title- This will be included in the shopping cart detail and on the order detail report.

Business Name- This is the full name of the Location. As an example, if we had "HQ" entered for the Location Code, this might be "ABC Corporation Headquarters".

First Name and Last Name- These can be ignored, or if you want a particular persons name to be included in the ship or bill to areas on the confirmations and order detail, enter it here.

Address information- Is required. Used for the ship and bill to information.

Phone, Fax and Email- optional but will show up in the shopping cart, order summary and in the order detail report.

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