PJM calculates prices for jobs using its product engines. These product engines can be designed to provide high or low pricing when ordered quantity changes. Estimates are created where it is required to inform customers of their options against multiple ordered quantities. There are cases when a customer requires multiple jobs to be estimated and it is hard to open each estimate in email and accept or reject separately.
PJM provides functionality of multi-line estimates. If a customer requires multiple jobs, multiple Estimates can be added to same order and saved. Now, PJM will send the multi-item estimate to customer and customer will receive one email with one link that will open all estimates on a single page. Customer can still accept or reject individual estimates using that link which will effectively create a job from the estimate that is accepted and cancel estimate which is rejected.
On Edit order view there is a button from where multi-line estimates can be viewed or downloaded as PDF.

Edit order link is added to estimates in job listing view.

In Edit order when there are estimates in order Estimate button with options to view and download is added. View estimate will show estimates in the browser. Customers will have the same view when they click on the link sent in the email. Each estimate has a validity date in front of "Reject" button.
Online view of multi-line estimates.
Reject estimate view
When the customer clicks on Reject estimate he has to give a reason. This reason and the notes entered become part of the "Job Audit". Administrators can go to the job audit view to see why an estimate is rejected.
Job Audit navigation link
Job Audit section