Copy components from one engine to another

This document covers copying components from one product engine to another using the "Copy Components" interface. This function copies one or more components from the source to the destination engine. The engine can create a copy of itself. Each component in the engine can replicate itself on the users' command. All related Materials, Processes, Attributes, and formulas are transferred. Formulas are not validated during the copy. Once the copy is completed, the destination product engine must be tested through the edit interface.

Steps to copy components from source engine to destination

  1. Navigate to the PJM Settings.
  2. Select the Product Engine listing from the left menu bar.
  3. Click the "Copy Components" button on the top left of the product engine listing page.
  1. Users will be presented with a screen to select the source and destination product engine.1
  2. When an engine is selected, components are listed in its designated area.
  3. The user will click on check marks to select components that need to be copied to the destination engine and click the "Copy" button.
  4. Selected components are copied to the destination engine, and the destination engine components list is refreshed.
  5. Users can copy more components by following steps 4 to 6.
  6. Once all components are copied, click the "Done" button to dismiss the Copy Components interface.
  • 1 Please Note: the Destination Product Engine must be previously created so that you can copy the components from the Source Product Engine.


If you plan to use components from Product Engine A and Product Engine B in Product Engine C, please ensure suppressions and the structure are properly set; otherwise, the new Product Engine C won't work.
You have selected Product Engine A and copied Q1, Q2, and Q3 into Product Engine C.
Then you selected Product Engine B and copied Material and Options into Product Engine C.
If Material and Options have suppressions and the formulas are structured with "width" and "height" instead of "Q2" and "Q3", the new Product Engine C won't work correctly.
Same situation if you copy the same component from Product Engine A (Q1) and Product Engine B (Q1) into Product Engine C. In this case, the Product Engine won't work either.