Corrugated material

Version: 12
Date: 03/30/2023
Automation scripts and templates download
Sample files: 
Script to impose 24x18 inches artworks on 48x96 inches sheet of corrugated material as CoroPlast®.
  • 1 page PDF artwork or
  • 2 pages PDF artwork or
  • n pages PDF artwork

The script support different options.
For each imposition option the cut path is applied as an overlay and the reg marks for automated cutting machine are also placed.
File with 1 art only duplicated n times as specified n the job quantity:
File with 2 arts (PDF with 2 pages) duplicated n times as specified n the job quantity and applied as front and back
Artowrk with 18 different artworks (18 pages) imposed  as 1 art in each slot:
Variable name Description Type Default Range
tffin_coro_sides Sides Integer 1
  • 1
  • 2
tfall_job_quantity Job quantity Integer %job.quantity%  

Trim size:................. 24x18 in
Production file:........ 48x96 in
Place art and step up art n times

Other artwork sizes with different imposition schemas with different cut path/reg marks placement could be implemented on demand.