Ch. 040 Site Specific Email Display Names

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eMail Notification Display information for your site

For several different situations the Pressero system will generate an email notification to your customer/buyer.  In Preferences > General Settings > Email Tab you set up how you want the emails that are generated to go out, and what would display in the header area of the emails. That area was account specific. This area is site specific so you can override the information in preferences if you want emails that go out that are related to this site to have different header information. If either is left blank, then it will be taken from your global (susbcriber-level) SMTP settings (Preferences > General Settings > Email).
To locate this area, go to: Admin > Sites > Choose Site > Settings > Email Notifications Tab
Sender Display Name - Enter the display name you want to appear in the Sender field on the email. 
Sender Display Email - Enter the display email address you want to have appear in the email field on the email. 


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