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Setting up your Sites Payment Methods

To choose and setup each of your sites payment methods go to Admin > Sites > Choose Site > Settings > Payments Tab. You should have already set up the different Payment Methods in your Admin > Preferences area before coming here to choose the methods you want for the specific site and various Site Groups. 

Activating a Payment Method in your site

Enable - You should see a list of the different Payment Methods you created in Preferences listed here. Select the "Enable" box in each of the different payment method sections you wish to offer. 
Rename - Each payment method will have an area that allows you to rename the method name that the customer sees. 
Custom Message - If entered here, this text will be displayed as a browser popup when the user pays by this payment method. If you are using a payment method that take the customer to another site to complete the credit card process (such as PayPal Standard), the message content should warn the user that clicking this button actually checks out the order and that you cannot use the back button to return from the provider site to the cart to make further changes. 
Enable Range Option- You may choose to have a specific payment option only appear when the total for the order falls within a certain range. This can be helpful for customers with free products in their store that want to include a Free Payment option but don't want it to be available unless the order totals $0.
Allowed Groups Tab - By default we will include each enabled payment method for all your Site Groups. If you would like to limit the available methods to certain groups of customers in the particular store, then use Site Groups and enable only the groups you want to have the particular method available to here. 

Additional Options for In-Store Credit Card Processing Methods

For payment methods in which the user pays via credit card directly on your Pressero site, you will have two additional fields available - Custom Checkout Error Message and Display Provider Error.  These fields determine what will be displayed to the user on the checkout page if there in is an issue processing the user's credit card.  You have three options:
  1. Display the Pressero generic error message - To display our default generic error message, leave both of these fields blank.
  2. Display the error from the payment processor - To display the error message returned from the payment processor, click the Display Provider Error box.
  3. Display a custom message - To display a custom message, type in your desired custom message in the Custom Checkout Error Message field.  This will override the Pressero generic message and the provider error message.

What to expect in the Checkout Page for the site

  • Open Terms. This "Submit Order" option will allow the User to order without payment. When an order is placed, a "New Order" email will be sent to you.
  • Credit Card. The "Pay by Credit Card" option requires the user to pay with a credit card (via PayPal). When the order is placed the "New Order" email will NOT be sent until a PayPal payment confirmation is received for it.
  • Both Open Terms and Credit Card. If both Credit Card and Open Terms are enabled for a site, and the user selects "Submit Order" (open terms), then a "New Order" email will be sent to you, and to your customer. If they click "Pay by Credit Card" instead, the system will not send the email until a Paypal payment confirmation arrives. When both Credit Card and Open Terms payment methods are available for a site, the system distinguishes between:
    • Unpaid (Temporarily) - the User selected "Pay by Credit Card," completed payment in PayPal, but PayPal confirmation has not yet been received by Pressero. Upon confirmation, the order will display under Paid and a "New Order" email will be sent.
    • Unpaid (& Abandoned) - the User selected "Pay by Credit Card ", but then quit PayPal before payment. The will never be listed under Paid and the "New Order" email will not be sent.
    • Unpaid - the User selected "Submit Order" (open terms) to complete their order. The order will not be listed as Paid but the "New Order" email will be sent.
  • Open Terms Bill To Address. If the Sites > Settings > General: Checkout > Address Book Mode is set to Location, the user's default Bill To location will be the one set in Sites > Settings > General: Checkout > Primary Location. If the site's Address Book Mode is set to Address or Both, the user's default Bill To location will be their Primary Address as set in their Address Book. 
  • Check Credit Card as an option only if you have setup your PayPal account (Preferences > General Settings > Payments). Otherwise, an error will occur in Checkout when choosing Credit Card if your PayPal account is not setup.

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