How do I access the Pressero API using PHP?

Pressero uses a unique system architecture that allows it to be the most “open” web-to-print system on the market. Using an extensive SOAP (XML) based web services API, you can access the same methods Aleyant developers used to create the administrative and storefront applications. This means that every single user function available in the admin or storefront applications is available via the API.

Contact technical support for SOAP endpoints, documentation, and licensing information.  

PHP is capable of interacting with Pressero's SOAP interfacing using its SoapClient class:  

Remember that the password must be provided as an MD5 hash.  The php code to correctly hash the password is:
<?phpbase64_encode( md5( 'PASSWORD_STRING', true ) );?>
 Example Php/SOAP files are available for download as an Note that you will have to change the variables in getOrderItemList.php to your credentials before this will work.