Ch. 036 Shipping Setup for Sites

Setting Up Shipping Options for Your Sites

In this chapter: 

To set the shipping requirements for each of your sites, go to Admin > Sites > [select site] > Settings > Shipping tab. You should already have added your shipping methods in Preferences > Shipping before setting the requirements for each specific site you set up. 

Carrier Accounts

These options are here ONLY if you need to overwrite the main account settings you created in the Preferences area. There may be times that you want to use a broker's shipping account information, or a specific customers. If you leave the account information blank for these areas the system will use what you have in Preferences to calculate the shipping costs. 


Shipping Methods

The shipping methods you set up in Preferences will be listed here. Select the shipping method from the list to: 

  • Enable the shipping method for this site
  • Select the order in which you would like it to appear in the list your customer will see in the store
  • Select which User Groups can see the particular shipping option

Test Shipping Options

Test the shipping methods before going live with your site to make sure they were set up correctly. Fill in the options for weight, Country, and destination postal code, then click on the "Test Now" button. The results for each of the shipping methods you checked off above will display.


The Test Result box will display costs (if successful) or errors. For example, a failed UPS Shipping test might display as "Shipment not possible: HardError: Error occurred on AccessRequest/ AccessLicenseNumber". This means UPS is reporting that one or more of the carrier account fields (UPS Access Key, UPS Account #, UPS User ID, UPS Password) are invalid or blank.

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