Ch. 034 Domains Tab in Settings

Domain Setup

Each site you create in your Pressero account has a Domains settings window that allows you to manage any domain URL addresses that will be used with that site. Sites can have multiple domain address URLs that the site can respond to, as well as a secure connection and redirect settings.

The Domains Settings Window

The Domains Setting window is found in the Sites > [site name] > Settings > Domains tab. This window allows you to manage different settings for the addresses for that site including adding or removing addresses, setting the primary domain address, setting the site to be secure, etc.

Setting up a domain address for a site

For a new domain address, follow these steps to add a new primary domain for your site:

  1. Enter your new domain address and click "Add New Domain".
  2. The new domain address will be added to the "Domains for This Site" list.
  3. Select your new domain address and click "Set as Primary Domain".
  4. Enable settings for SSL/https if desired. When this setting is initially enabled, the site will show an error until Pressero fetches and installs the new certificate. This could potentially take 48 hours.
  5. Click Save on this window to save any changes to site settings.

Note: you must have the DNS settings with your domain registrar pointing the domain to Pressero in order for your Pressero site to load at the domain you have entered here. Basic DNS settings values and other information for taking domain names live on Pressero sites are listed in the article What do I do when I'm ready to 'Go Live" with my site?  

Setting as the Primary Domain

Once you have added a domain to the list, you can mark this domain as the primary domain by clicking the star icon next to the domain. You can have multiple domains for a single site. By clicking the primary domain, you are indicating which one you would like to be the main domain. If you choose to turn on "Redirect to Primary Domain," the other domains listed for this site will redirect to this domain. For example, if the site is set for and with set as the primary, it will redirect to if someone first goes to in the browser window. The primary domain will have a filled in star (darkened) to indicate it is the primary domain in the list.

Use Security Certificate for this Domain

A domain that is set to be secure will appear on the list on the right with a small green HTTPS lock icon next to it. If the site is not set to be secure, it will display a small open lock icon in yellow. If you have a domain on this list that needs to be set to be secure you can click on the yellow open lock icon to set it as https.

Considerations when setting the site to be secure

Before you set a domain address to be secure using the padlock icon on the address list, please read over this article about setting your site to be secure going live. The site will display a not-secure warning until the process of issuing and retrieving the certificate is completed.

The process to obtain a secure certificate for a new address can take up to 48 hours, and the site will show the warning until that has completed. We generally recommend to set sites to be secure at the end of the day to allow them to run overnight. If it has been more than 48 hours since you set your site to be secure, and it is still showing the not-secure warning, please open a ticket with our support department at so we can investigate.

Using your Temporary Base Domain

When your Pressero account was setup, a temporary domain name URL was issued to you for addressing your sites on our servers. This follows the format of (Pressero Chicago users) or (Pressero Singapore users) or (Pressero Amsterdam users) and is shown in your initial account welcome letter as your Temporary Base Domain.

As you create sites on the Pressero system, you will assign them a domain address on the Pressero server using this temporary base domain address. Temporary refers to the fact that most clients will be using their sites on the Pressero system before making those sites live on their full custom domain name addresses. A Pressero site you create on a temporary domain address can remain on that address for as long as you like.

As you create sites in your Pressero account, you must create them as variations on your Temporary Base Domain using dashes. Meaning that you might make two new sites and use addresses like and for a user on the US/Chicago server. Using dashes instead of periods in the address will ensure that you can set those sites to be secure for ordering on the domain.

It is important to use the Temporary Base Domain value that was assigned to you on the Pressero system. Please review the welcome letter information, and open a ticket with support at if you have any questions about assigning temporary domain values for your sites.

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