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FLOW v10.9.6.9
rev ff03f05f
Release date: 03-23-2023
81309 User Story Smartprep library - improve banner finishing script
81128 User Story Improve Corebridge products assignment
71994 Bug Variable values not retained when selected a new script
81412 Bug Finishing Script Values changing after revision is uploaded
81269 Bug Corebridge: When adding a new job to an existing order, the import jobs button is not functioning
FLOW v10.9.6.8
rev 7c328709
Release date: 03-07-2023
81123 User Story Improved UI for page selector in preview area
81135 Bug Proof Script and Finishing Script details are changing when a revision is uploaded
75557 Bug When duplicating a job the overlay file from proof script is not showing with duplicated job
80955 Bug Disable the job edit clearing during a page refresh
73253 Bug Product not filling out proof fields
70608 Bug Variable values not correctly copied on job duplication

FLOW v10.9.6.7
rev 3e8c8039
Release date: 02-22-2023
80954 User Story Disabled the automatic trigger from the search field
80957 User Story Support RGB proof rendering
80723 Bug Upload doesn't work on job list view
80976 Bug Upload popup does not close automatically
80979 Bug Duplicate jobs have wrong job name on proof
FLOW v10.9.6.6
rev ab971314
Release date: 2-2-2023
80743 Bug Variables not correctly inherited from order on job create
80488 User Story Improved the progress indicator on job file uploads