tFLOW History 2023

FLOW v10.9.8.5
rev 388 (1d45f91b)
Release date: 11-23-2023

83865User StoryNew translations for French and Spanish
83945BugFixed error 500 showing the dashboard or uploading large files

FLOW v10.9.8.4
rev 381 (be73c71a)
Release date: 11-09-2023
83846BugVariables not correctly set when an order/job is created

FLOW v10.9.8.3
rev 369 (659257f0)
Release date: 10-02-2023
83271User StoryDuplicate jobs command
83279BugWrong creation date
83153BugWhen duplicating a job, edits to the job size in job settings are not updating proof settings

FLOW v10.9.8.2
rev 360 (5f1c58a1 )
Release date: 09-15-2023
70861User StoryAdd public link expiration in settings
83148BugJob report date is wrong in table view header
83147BugLimit Job report filtering to assigned companies

FLOW v10.9.8.1
rev 355 (78f4f68d)
Release date: 09-01-2023
82872User StoryImplemented new Job Report
82952BugNew subscriber cannot edit the script defaults on the product level
83002BugDelete revision does not show when revision is rejected and new file uploaded
83127BugSubscriber is unable to access Email Alert Presets

FLOW v10.9.8
rev 350 (9e0d8bb4)
Release date: 08-19-2023
56828User StoryAdd PO Number option at Order Information Fields
82502User StoryCompany level support link
82824BugAdd number indicator to message icon in mobile
82729BugOrder and jobs use finishing script defaults and not product defaults

FLOW v10.9.7.7
rev 340 (0ac05ee2)
Release date: 07-19-2023
82522BugError uploading art larger than 1GB
81998User StoryPossibility to customize the email notification presets
82483User StoryPossibility to apply a preset to all client users

FLOW v10.9.7.6
rev 326 (9c318d78)
Release date: 06-26-2023

80492User StoryProof reminder emails
81280User StoryCreating %USER_NAME% field for production file name
82215BugIssue with variables not properly assigned
82457IssuesDownload Report PDF button is gray and does not allow download

FLOW v10.9.7.4
rev 325 (a4dcf0de)
Release date: 06-12-2023
79338BugIssue setting archival S3 location
81991User StoryDisk Quota Management
81280User StoryCreating %USER_NAME% field for production file name

FLOW v10.9.7.2
rev 312 (e70fdebe)
Release date: 05-19-2023
73020BugPreflight attributes were not saved in the order before processing the jobs.

FLOW v10.9.7.1
rev 298 (9f299afa)
Release date: 05-05-2023
80458Work RequestMove the "Splitting Scheme" option in the upload interface
81051User StoryMake private comment color darker
81898BugVariables getting the original values if you save with different input
81232BugError duplicating a product
81303BugMessaging Icon is not showing on each job when viewing in Medium tiles view

FLOW v10.9.7
rev 286 (b8430db6)
Release date: 04-18-2023
72322User StoryAdded the function to export the script variables
81285User StoryCreate a scheduled alert for instance over disk quota
81286User StoryHighlight the widget when over disk quota 
81668BugFixed a bug where the script defaults are changing when an edit is made
FLOW v10.
rev 277d2709
Release date: 04-12-2023
81592BugEditing the job ship date is resulting in 1 day earlier
FLOW v10.
rev fb5fb017
Release date: 04-07-2023
81688BugWhen trying to Save a product script variable value it shows a 500 error
FLOW v10.
rev ab6d9676
Release date: 04-03-2023
81468User StorySmartprep library - implement Coro finishing script
81128User StoryImprove Corebridge products assignment
74126User Story3C - Add a read only field in product details to show the product ID
74127User Story3D - Add a read only field in script details to show the script ID
81309User StorySmartprep library - improve banner finishing script
81128User StoryImprove Corebridge products assignment
81412BugFinishing Script Values changing after revision is uploaded
81516BugWrong scripts assignment when job is created via API
71994BugVariable values not retained when selected a new script
81412BugFinishing Script Values changing after revision is uploaded
81269BugCorebridge: When adding a new job to an existing order, the import jobs button is not functioning
FLOW v10.9.6.8
rev 7c328709
Release date: 03-07-2023
81123User StoryImproved UI for page selector in preview area
81135BugProof Script and Finishing Script details are changing when a revision is uploaded
75557BugWhen duplicating a job the overlay file from proof script is not showing with duplicated job
80955BugDisable the job edit clearing during a page refresh
73253BugProduct not filling out proof fields
70608BugVariable values not correctly copied on job duplication

FLOW v10.9.6.7
rev 3e8c8039
Release date: 02-22-2023
80954User StoryDisabled the automatic trigger from the search field
80957User StorySupport RGB proof rendering
80723BugUpload doesn't work on job list view
80976BugUpload popup does not close automatically
80979BugDuplicate jobs have wrong job name on proof
FLOW v10.9.6.6
rev ab971314
Release date: 2-2-2023
80743BugVariables not correctly inherited from order on job create
80488User StoryImproved the progress indicator on job file uploads