ProServices External Pricing for Apparel


1.- Import data for price calculation

Once subscribed to this paid feature through Professional Services, Aleyant will provide the customer with a username and password to access the environment 
Once inside "External Service", the client will access the "Calculator Sizes & Colors" section:
Here the customer will be able to download an example of CSV to import, fill it with the values they want and import it. These values will allow to display the options in the calculator and calculate the final Price:
The client must copy in each site where they are using this Price engine, in the lower part of the HEAD within the Pressero admin, in Configuration - SEO / HTML, the following code:
<meta http-equiv="Access-Control-Allow-Origin" content="" />
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
   <link href="" rel="stylesheet">

2.- Import CSV content

Field content format:
Example Sizes: S#0|M#0|L#0 (name of size to show # increase in base price | ... )
Example Colors: Light Pink#f9d9cd#0|Ocher#e7d067#0|Pastel Green#00e1a0#0 (name of the color to display # hexadecimal color to display # increase in base price | ... )
Example Base: M|White|Front|20 (size to display with quantity 1 | color to display preselected | print area to display preselected | base price from which to increments will apply )
Example áreas: Top area#0|Bottom area#0 (name of the print area to show # increase in base price | ... )
Any price increment value must be either 0 or a decimal number
The rest of the fields separated by # or |, must exist but can be empty
Download example.csv

3.- Price engine to associate with the products

When registering a client in this service, we will create a plugin-type price engine called "Apparel Price Engine" that you must use in the products you want assigning as "MIS Product ID" the user id assigned to you in your External Services dashboard located at ProServices will provide this ID to you during development) https : // separated without spaces with the character "|" followed by the product URL which must match the URL written in the data import CSV

4.- Inventory control

For each possible combination, the client must create his inventory in Pressero. The name of the inventory should be:
where ProductURL is the URL of the product in Pressero, ColourName is the name of one of the colors uploaded in the CSV for that product, and SizeName is the name of one of the sizes uploaded in the CSV for that product. If that product does not use sizes, the inventory should be called ProductURL-ColourName
Aleyant will create a webhook that when an order is placed sends a JSON to the URL
and using the Pressero API it will reduce the inventories of the combinations of the product purchased by the user.

5.- How to associate different images for each color.

In order for the images uploaded in the product to be associated with the colors displayed by the calculator, the order of the images uploaded from the Pressero admin must match the order of the colors displayed in the Pressero calculator for that product.

6.- Product Page Example After Adding External Pricing Calculator Feature: