Can I change or remove the background color in custom email notifications?

With all Pressero plans except Standard*, you are able to customize notification emails.
In order to change the background color in a custom email notification, you will need to know HTML and a little CSS in order to make this change. This is not something our support team can do for you, but you can either do it yourself, or ask Professional Services for an estimate (through to have it done by them.
After following the instructions in the "Can I customize the notification emails that are sent out?" article to make an email a custom notification, here are the steps to update the background color of the notification emails:
This is an example of changing the background color to white:
1. After clicking on Customize Email as per instructions in the above article, navigate to the body of the email and click on the source HTML icon (</>).
So you will now see this:
2. Modify style:
Add body,tbody,tr,td {background-color: #ffffff:} after the end bracket of the <style> tag, as shown below.
3. Make sure all references of background-color is white (#ffffff) where applicable. You can keep changing this and saving to see your changes.
4. Save new custom email.
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