Ch. 031 Shopping Cart Setup

Shopping Cart Settings

In the Sites > Settings > General tab area there are several sections of information we need to gather so your site can behave the way you like. In the third section, "Shopping Cart," you will make decisions on how you want your B2B or B2C sites shopping carts to work. Since informational sites do not have ecommerce, this section does not apply to that site type. 



Address Book mode - This option is for B2B sites only. Address book means that each user on the site will maintain an address book of shipping and billing addresses. Location Mode means that users will not have individual addresses, but instead will use a common list of locations for the organization. "Both" allows both locations and address books to function.

Note: Shared user accounts may see addresses added to the locations area of admin when they are in the store, but they cannot add or edit addresses in an address book. 

Display Shipping Address Location List - This option is for B2B sites only. When checked, your customer will be able to select a shipping location from a list available to the user. If unchecked, the item will be shipped to the user's default location.

User must select shipping address - If checked, the ship to drop-down that appears on the product page and the shopping cart will display “Select One” instead of defaulting to the user’s default location. This setting will apply regardless of the address book mode (B2B sites). It will only display if there is more than one available choice for shipping address.

Allow items to ship to separate addresses - This item is active by default. Uncheck this item if you do not want your customers to be able to ship items added to their shopping cart to more than one address. Note: If you do not want your customers to ship to multiple addresses, and your site is a B2B site, you should also uncheck the option (above) to "Display shipping address location list." 

Primary Location - This option is for B2B sites only. Uses an address in the Locations & Departments control as the primary Bill To location for all orders. If the site has one location, this will be used for all orders. If the site's Address Book Mode is set to Address or Both, the user's Bill To location will be their Primary Address as set in their Address Book.

Ship From Location - This option is for a B2C site only.

Location - The location field designates the primary print facility the site is associated with. The facility here will be listed in the admin order area.

After Add to Cart, Redirect to - You can  determine where a customer is directed after adding a product to the shopping cart. Options include:

  • Shopping Cart: Redirects back to the shopping cart page. This page will be the default action.
  • Product Detail Page: Redirects back to the product page.
  • Category Page: Redirects to the category that the product belongs to.
  • Site Home Page: Redirects to the home page as defined in site settings.
  • Root Category Page: Redirects back to the /category page.