How to change the color of individual characters in a field

How to change the color of individual characters using field scripting

The example below uses a color that exists in a palette that has already been defined under the Color Palettes tab at the top of the window. The example color is RED, so there is an RGB color of RED defined in the color palette that will be used on the field.

Edit the template in eDocBuilder, and go to the Field Setup section. Expand the settings for the field that will use the script. Go to Format, and look for the Color Palette setting at the upper-right. The Color Palette needs to be set to the name of the palette that contains the color RED, as used in the example.

Then go to the Field Scripting tab. Choose the VBScript radio button, and an edit text box will open below it. The text to put in the edit box uses a replace command, the name of a field, a text value to find (the period), and a text value to replace (contains the period as well as style tags). The name of the color is plainly visible in the script text.

replace(fieldName, ".", "<font color='RED'>.</font>")

Click the Save button to the left of the script edit box to save your changes to the Format and Field Scripting tabs, and then click the Commit Changes button at the top before testing your setup.