Ch. 029. Site Branding

Site Branding

On the Sites > Settings > General  tab there are several sections of information we need to gather so your site can behave the way you like. The first section is Branding. 

Below is an example of the branding area for a B2B site.


Below are the areas to complete and how they are used throughout the system: 

Site Name - This should be completed for you when you created the site earlier. You can edit/change the site name here. This information is used throughout the system for both you as the administrator on orders and reports and also for your customer in store, email notifications, and their order history. 

Home Page URL - This is the first page displayed when your visitor comes to your site. Leave as "Default" for now. Later, this control can be used to select another page you want used for "Home" from an alternative list of Catalog pages, Product pages, or Pages that you created. 

For an Informational Site home page, you MUST create a Page, and make that your starting page (see Sites > Pages).

Continue Shopping URL - Not available on Informational sites. This field allows you to select the page that will open when your customer clicks the Continue Shopping button.

Back to Catalog URL - Not available on Informational sites.  This field allows you to designate the page that will open when your customer clicks the Back to Catalog button.

Broker - Only available on B2B sites. If the site is developed for a broker that uses your services, selecting the broker in this field will brand the site with your broker's information. For more information see the documentation for Brokers.  You must have the broker already set up in the system so it is available to you in the drop down menu. 

Tagline -  Depending on the skin design, the tagline will appear on a predefined place on the website. A tagline example might be "Best Print Prices in the Chicago Area!"

Logo - For the Logo, consider using one with a transparent background, saved as a PNG file. Alternatively, use a background color that looks good with the Skin you are choosing when creating the Logo. When creating your logo, make the longest side 800px. So a horizontal logo for example would be 800px long. Each of the skins has a different size logo area, but the system will proportionately resize your logo so no distortion will occur. The reason we suggest the images get uploaded at 800 pixels on the longest side is so no matter where it is used (home page, email, etc.), or which skin you may change to later on, you will not have to redo the logo. The key is that the logo will be resized proportionately for the space where it is used.

Current Logo - Once a logo has been uploaded you will see a preview of the current logo here. Please give the system some time to refresh and update this page. 

Favicon - A favicon is a small image that can display next to your website address in a browsers address area. Upload your favicon file. This must be a 16 x 16 px .ico file.

Current Icon - After a favicon is uploaded you will see a preview of the image here. Please give the system some time to refresh and update this page. 

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